LED technology Made in Germany and in line with the latest development trends is offered by the German manufacturer Nimbus. For many years, Nimbus has almost exclusively relied on LED technology and therefore has a comprehensive pool of knowledge. The intelligent luminaires from Swabia optimise energy consumption with their setting options in accordance with the individual requirements of the user. This creates a double advantage compared with conventional lighting: Energy saving due to the use of LED technology and savings by means of clever switching technology with presence and daylight control.

LED luminaires and LED illumination solutions are created at Nimbus in the direct and intensive analysis of the architecture. The experience of more than 5,000 completed LED projects, starting with residential housing, practices, schools and kindergartens – including Waldorf kindergartens – through to office buildings and company headquarters, clearly indicates the lead of Nimbus luminaires in design, energy and technological issues and the high degree of competence of the Nimbus Group. Nimbus is considered the market leader in LED interior lighting and currently convinces as the only manufacturer with a comprehensive range of LED luminaires, with which almost all lighting projects can be fulfilled: Cosy lighting in the living area, efficient workplace illumination and two-dimensional general lighting.

Sustainability and responsibility are not simply transient trends to the Nimbus Group, but have been firmly anchored principles in the corporate philosophy ever since the foundation of the company by Dietrich Brennenstuhl more than 20 years ago. Hence, the Nimbus Group has promoted and supported regional projects for children, adolescents and education for many years.

All corporate divisions such as product development, design, production, sales and logistics are concentrated at the Stuttgart location, and more than 90 % of suppliers are situated within a radius of 200 km.

Within the framework of a cooperation project with Mercedes Benz and EnBW, the delivery vehicles are currently being changed to zero-emission electric vehicles. Transport journeys in the town and the surrounding area will then be emission-free. The power for the electric vehicles will be generated by an internal solar system of the latest generation on the company premises.